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Radical Rudeness

By Paula Akugizibwe In Seeing, Jose Saramago’s novel about the death of democracy, citizens in the capital city of an unnamed country calmly disengage from the ritual of elections, in which they have lost faith. The state retaliates by sealing off the city and withdrawing all public services, and in response residents organise themselves to […]

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Q&A with Mehari Taddele Maru

By Paula Akugizibwe and Mehari Maru  Mehari Maru is an Addis Ababa-based consultant on international law, security and governance. He previously worked at the African Union Commission as Legal Expert, and as Coordinator of the AU’s Programme on Migration.   CHRONIC: Two things stand out about the AU compared to the OAU – one is […]

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My Life as a Seventh Day Adventist

By Paula Akugizibwe Jesus waits in the swimming pool. The tenth commandment lies in pieces all over my sinful heart as our queue snakes towards salvation. We are facing the pastor one by one, waist-deep in water warm and dirty from all the sinners that went before. Around the pool, the congregation is gathered, singing […]

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Beasts of No Nation

Whether immigrating, emigrating or just passing through, Africans suffer among the greatest indignities of cross-border travel, abroad and on the continent. Paula Akugizibwe recounts how the hand-me-down tools of divide and rule perpetuate the abuse. Historical clarity is the talk of the week at the 20th commemoration of the genocide in Rwanda. Where did the vision of division come […]

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The End of Elections

by Paula Akugizibwe   Jose Saramago’s Seeing is no Arab spring. Revolutionary rhetoric is merely seasoning to the brew of drama stirred up by a government after residents of its capital city paralyse the democratic system by casting an avalanche of blank votes. Politicians are perplexed by this deplorable disregard for democracy. A cascade of […]

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“Nice Nice” Will Get You Nowhere

Boniface Mwangi is a Kenyan photographer who pulls no punches in using art as activism. During the 2007 post-election skirmishes he took thousands of photos and in 2009 he founded Picha Mtaani, a street exhibition held in towns across Kenya, showcasing the photographs to audiences beyond Nairobi. In 2013, Mwangi launched Occupy Parliament and the […]

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