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Altourism – Where Altruism Meets Adventure

Post Kony fall-out fatigue? Relax, pack a bag and take a break in other peoples misery with Paula Akugizibwe’s subversive satire on how inequality, poverty and violence are repackaged into the corporate souvenir experience. Travel writing in its most hilarious, poignant, and consequential form.



Call for Applications

Does your heart bleed for the world’s poor, exploited, hungry and sick?
Do your feet itch to explore exotic destinations?
Are you passionate and well-bred?
A career at Altourism might be perfect for you.

Here at Altourism we know that in order to save the world, you have to see the world.
It is impossible to comprehend the complexities of global issues as long as you stay put in one place. A global struggle needs global exposure, and a career at Altourism gives you both: a chance to fight the world’s darkest ills, while visiting its brightest, most exciting destinations.

Altourism’s employees are exceptionally intelligent, analytical and articulate. They possess an appreciation for diverse cultures and for the finer things in life. Altourism affords them an opportunity to exude their skills and altruism in environments that satisfy their cultivated tastes.

There is an old African proverb that says, “there are no chickens in the farmers’ boardroom”. In other words, we cannot fight for the rights of the under-privileged while our sensibilities are disturbed by the stark realities of their pitiable conditions.

Thus, Altourism encourages employees to embrace our corporate vision of socio-economic utopia by hosting them in spaces that are as close to this vision as possible. We have a long-standing dedication to only the best hotels, finest dining and most enthralling safari drives.

At the same time, our 33% policy ensures that at least one third of time is spent in a compassionate (but not intrusive) proximity to suffering. This allows us to uphold our unflinching commitment to observing the experience of poverty and maintain easy access to photo ops – without compromising the pristine atmosphere that is so conducive to our altruistic ruminations.

By placing our altruism in luxurious settings, we not only build local tourist industries but also promote social awareness in our destinations of choice. We are, in effect, missionaries with style; leading without preaching; bringing awareness on critical issues to people who might otherwise not have thought twice about human suffering.

What better place to discuss Lung Health and Poverty than in the “Glistening City” of Cancun, Mexico? What more appropriate location for the Global Issues Network Conference than in Luxembourg, the richest country in the world? Without this intervention the wealthy residents of Luxembourg might never know that there is such a thing as “issues” – and ignorance, for Altourism, is a very big issue indeed.

With all the ignorance and numerous other social ills facing the world today, Altourism’s work is more crucial than ever. We are currently recruiting young, dynamic individuals who are looking to expand their minds, their horizons, and their frequent flyer miles.

Do you have the heart for poverty and the stomach for luxury? Do you have what it takes to think outside the box, live inside the box and talk around the box? Apply now and you might soon enjoy one of the most fulfilling career moves you ever made.
Forms available at participating Hilton Hotels around the world.


First Published in Chimurenga’s PowerMoneySex Reader.

Akugizibwe is an activist and a poet. She was born in Nigeria to Rwandan and Ugandan parents and raised in Southern Africa. She is currently based in Cape Town. 


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