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Lindela (the winnie suite)

an excerpt from ‘Lindela (the winnie suite)’ by Dominique Malaquais car, maps, time. passports. visas. the king’s m-o-t-h-e-r-f-u-c-k-i-n-g english. we have all of it. and still we don’t find anything

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FESTAC ’77 – the Book and LP soon come!

Early in 1977, thousands of artists, writers, musicians, activists and scholars from Africa and the black diaspora assembled in Lagos for FESTAC ’77, the 2nd World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture. With a radically ambitious agenda underwritten by Nigeria’s newfound oil wealth, FESTAC ’77 would unfold as a complex, glorious and excessive […]

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By Jean-Christophe Lanquetin* During the last five years of Unathi Sigenu’s life, I was a fellow traveller. Following his participation in Urban Scénos/Johannesburg, an artists’ residency run by two artists’ collectives – my own ScU2 (based in Paris) and the Joubert Park Project – we developed an ongoing working fellowship. Linking Cape Town and Paris, this […]

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“Angazi, but I’m sure”: A Raw Académie Session

RAW Material Company is a Dakar-based centre for art, knowledge and society; concerned with curatorial practice, artistic education, residencies, knowledge production, and archiving of theory and criticism on art. From 3rd April to 26th May 2017, Chimurenga will be partnering with RAW to host the RAW Académie: a tuition-free residential experiential study programme for artistic and curatorial […]

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Sexing Africa, Again

Dominique Malaquais spins together Lil’ Kim, burkas, Muslim women, Somali Mata-Haris and the Great Female Mutilation Hoax to arrive at a veiled essays-in-fragments that confronts western fetishes, fallacies and fears around African womanhood and sexuality. Her veil is not about shrouding; it is about being alive to mourning, outrage, sadness, and hope. As she writes, […]

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Franc-maçonnerie Suite

By Dominique Malaquais 1st Movement : Uncle Tom or DOM-TOM? Il y a plus de gens qui savent lire et écrire de la littérature que de personnes sachant lire et écrire de la musique, qui a plus d’impact que la littérature. Il est plus aisé d’écouter et/ou d’entendre que de lire ou de voir. En général, […]

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