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Guilt Trips

Kai Friese interrogates the colonial fantasy that lives on in the sententious […]

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The First Lady Syndrome

Mama Chantal Biya Yves Mintoogue* traces the nepotism and political patronage that […]

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Manufacturing the post-election peace: A reporter’s 2013 election diary

Parselelo Kantai watches as NGOs, the media and the state rally together […]

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A Civil Society Of African States

Paula Akugizibwe assumes observer status at the African Union and finds the […]

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Death by Memory [of Freedom]; Truth & Reconciliation

A tryptych in honour of Steve Biko. Firstly, Graeme Arendse, as his alter-ego Ramgee, presents In […]

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A Fieldguide for Female Interrogators

by Coco Fusco (illustrations: Dan Turner)     This graphic story previously […]

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America Will Always Blame…

Rigo 23, born Ricardo Gouveia, is a Portuguese muralist, painter, and political […]

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Who’s Free, Who’s Not, Who Was, Who Wasn’t, and Who’s Dead: And, Are You Sure You Know Which Way Is Up?

A Letter from Istanbul by Ed Pavlic   Trayvon remains underground, to my […]

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Suspect Sammy

A Letter from Toronto by Andrea Meeson   It’s another Monday morning after […]

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Memento Mori

A Letter from Harlem by Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts. When I came home from abroad, […]

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Speech to the Science Graduation Ceremony of the University of Witwatersrand, 2008

Good Evening. I will use my own life history tonight to argue […]

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The Way Back Home Article

The Way Back Home On the death of a close relative, Niq […]

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Graveyards, monuments and African Studies

by Nicole Sarmiento. “I have argued that the problem with this course is […]

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Achebe The Native Intellectual

There Was A Country, Chinua Achebe’s autobiographical account of the Nigerian Civil […]

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Three Men, A Fence & A Dead Body

Sean O’Toole travels to the northern reaches of Limpopo where South Africa […]

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Is Biko’s legacy being besmirched?

In October 2002, 25 years since Stephen Bantu Biko‘s death, poet James Matthews penned […]

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50 Years Ago: Zeke in Nigeria

Es’kia Mphahlele and the Anti-Apartheid Association of Nigeria Moritz Isaac (Manu) Herbstein […]

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Diary Of A Bad Year

Diary Of A Bad Year: President Mbeki’s Letters to the Nation by […]

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Walking through walls

Eyal Weizman reports on military tactics known as ‘walking through walls’ where […]

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When history is suspended

(In memory of Ernesto Alfabeto Nhamuave) by Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa  I […]

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EU fortifies its mission on North African frontline

Supported by Libya and Tunisia, the European Union is ringing the Mediterranean […]

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La Frontera

Klas Lundström finds himself in an isolated corner of the Amazon jungle […]

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The last words of Fela Anikulapo Kuti

In 1996, Keziah Jones visited Kalakuta Republic every day for a week […]

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Uncertainty in Cuba after the Death of Hugo Chávez

As the world bids adiós to Hugo Chávez, Ivan García (of Desde La Habana) reports on […]

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The Death of Jacob Dlamini

Political analyst, Jacob Dlamini, argues that the death of another so named […]

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The Test

  Read the following text carefully: “Know thyself, thus says the quotation […]

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Chicken Core: The Rise of Kings

SporeDust is a young animation studio, still a rare species in the […]

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The Adventures of Dr Evil in Dakar

  President Abdoulaye Wade recently claimed intellectual property rights of the “African […]

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Not Yet Uhuru

Ugandan journalist and activist, Kalundi Serumaga, reflects on his time as a political […]

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The Warm Up

The xenophobic violence sweeping many communities in the past weeks is not […]

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Once There Were Humans

In the hills above Kingston, Jamaica Annie Paul unpacks some baggage in […]

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Les Saignantes

          A young woman, beautiful, 20-something, is fucking […]

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The Quiet Encroachment of the Ordinary

Asef Bayat A traveller to Middle Eastern cities, Tehran, Cairo or Rabat […]

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A New Consciousness

Itumeleng oa Mahabane   A man walks down a street. His shoulders […]

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France’s war for uranium

Carlos Latuff Share this post:

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Brent Hayes Edwards The cell is four meters long and two meters […]

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Sortir de la grande nuit. Essai sur l’Afrique décolonisée

Norbert N. Ouendji interviews Achille Mbembe before Afropolitanism (circa 2010) « Sortir de […]

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Calabash Afrobeat Poems

by Dike Okoro Ikwunga Wonodi is not a new face among Afrobeat […]

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