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Audio/visuals from AfroSonics-sis, Harmony Holiday, originally produced for Fence Books‘ podcast series.



“Loose Tracklist”

Weldon Irvine
Nancy Dupree
Fred Moten
John Coltrane
Gil Scott Heron
J Dilla
Dexter Gordon
Amiri Baraka
Ras Baraka
L Boogie
Michael Harper
Theo Parrish
Sarah Webster Fabio
Bill Gunn
David Henderson
Percy Johnson
Frank O’Hara
Brother Ah

With thanks to PMS.

One Response to Damballah

  1. Andrew April 26, 2015 at 11:38 pm #

    “Black male children”?!?!
    You’ve got to be kidding!
    Cowardly double talk never got anyone out of bondage.
    In the English language male children, of whatever color or race they might be, are called “boys.”
    There is nothing at all shameful about that word. I was a boy once myself, my son is still a boy, and there is great honor and beauty in being a boy. Not that we are now going to fall into the trap of agitating for “boy pride.” No sir. Boys have no need of “boy pride” because the thought of “boy shame” has never occurred to them in the first place.

    I suspect that the writer of that “boy children” nonsense is a woman. Or possibly a beaten-down man. Beaten down by feminism? Or colonialism? Who knows?

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