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Creating Theatre: A George Hallett Photo Essay

“Exile demands contemplation because it is unavoidably real for those who experience it. More than a word, exile is also a condition. It is a place, a knowledge, a narrative, but most importantly, it is a psychic space that is obvious to those who inhabit it, those who must engage and wrestle with it because only by so doing can they come to terms with it.”- Olu Ogibe, Dis-covering HomeMbizo 3 (1)

moholoa (1) Mongezi 3 (1)

“We used photographic covers with South African models,” recalls, “mostly because I knew them and they were easily accessible. In London you could find anything in terms of props. I created theatre, I used the streets of London or bedrooms, and I never used professional studios. I created an ambience using costumes and my imagination.” – George Hallett


005 - A Question of Power - Bessie Head

025 - Maru - Bessie Head


“A colour photograph is floated on an orange background; it shows future South African minister of arts and culture Pallo Jordan enacting Okonkwo’s rage … The design includes a minimum of text, just the author’s name and the title of the book, the word “apart” rendered in a vibrating type that underscores Okonkwo’s rage.

There is a predictable literalism at work in these covers: black man = Africa = book about Africa.”- Sean O’Toole , Cover Story.



“I saw a moment and I clicked the shutter. Bang. Just once.” George Hallet.



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