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Major Gentl and the Achimota Wars

Set in 2020, Kojo Laing‘s 1992 dark ecological sci-fi novel envisions a condition of total war in which mutant insects, birds, fruits, animals, vegetables and the humans of Achimota City fight for the right to futurity against an overseas enemy only discernible through cyber proxies and decoys. Nikhil Singh imagines the Achimota Wars in a war of beaks, legs and antennae.

Langian Science Fiction in the Year 2020”  is a talk by Kodwo Eshun of The Otolith Group based in London. The first in a series of six lectures, Eshun presents a close reading of the overlooked novel ” Major Gentl and the Achimoto Wars (amongst other Continental Science Fiction text) and argues that works of fiction that have and continue to invent African Futures do exist across the African continent despite arguments that Afrofuturisms are diasporadic projects produced in places like the UK and USA.



This graphic story features in the Chronic (August 2016), an edition in which we explore ideas around mythscience, science fiction and graphic storytelling. In opposition to the idea of the future as progress – a linear march through time – we propose a sense of time is innately human: “it’s time” when everyone gets there.

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