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Festac 77 programme

In 1977, thousands of artists, writers, and musicians from Africa and its diaspora descended on Lagos, Nigeria for the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC ’77).

Can a past that the present has not yet caught up with be summoned to haunt the present as an alternative? What is important here is not the reiteration of the actual past, but the persistence of what never actually happened, but might have.

Over a two-year research, exhibition and publishing project, we are investigating the legacy of FESTAC ’77, as well as presenting an opportunity for contemporary African creators to engage with its history.

The first public presentation will be at San Francisco Public Library from May 24 – June 29 2014.

It opens with a discussion between Akin Adesokan and Andrew Apter at 3pm, Saturday 24 May. For a month the entire library will read as an issue of Chimurenga. Photos can be viewed here.

For more information: chimurengalibrary/festac-77

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