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Based in Africa, but with a global reach, the Chronic is an ideal platform for institutions, organisations and brands looking to get beyond the borders of nation-states and associate themselves with a cutting-edge pan-African vision.

It offers research and academic institutes, art organisations and galleries, NGOs (many of whom operate throughout the continent) an affordable and credible space to publicise their work and programmes, and to conduct recruitment from.

Our diverse mix of content, which includes politics, innovative business, economics, arts, culture and sport, provides an opportunity to run targeted campaigns and innovate a whole new form of advertising.

Our interactive online and digital platforms provide a window for advertisers to interact directly with our readers.


The Chronic is aimed at satisfying a growing hunger for news, views and analysis on and of Africa.

It speaks to people interested in excellent writing and challenging analysis of the world.

The Chronic is for:

– the woman and man on the street (newspapers remain the most read printed material in Africa);
– the growing African community living outside the continent;
– the intellectual and artistic community, broadly taken, in Europe and Africa.

Download the new 2016 media pack and rate card here:

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