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Doctor Philip Tabane Lives On

We give thanks and praise to enigmatic, innovative seer and composer-band leader Doctor Philip Tabane, who passed on,  May 18, 2018. The Dr was a giant. Immense in his power of inheritance, the fierceness of his autonomy, compassion and will to broaden the livable space. Nobody else had such a gift to encompass so many […]

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HIKIMA – a letter from Zaria

by Yinka Elujoba One evening, while escaping the rain on campus in Ife, I stopped for cover under the walkway beneath the Senate Building. Standing there was a   girl in a blue hijab. Her phone rang. I thought I recognised the ringtone: it was Trane of course. It had to be Trane – the tremor […]

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Short Review – The Year of the Rat

Year of the Rat Marc Anthony Richardson FC2/ University of Alabama Press, 2017 Released to high critical acclaim but scant attention last year, Marc Anthony Richardson’s Year of the Rat is a slim novel excavating the inheritance of generational trauma, violence, economic struggle, and institutional racism that defines much of contemporary life in the US. […]

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Chimurenga Library on Circulations

The Chimurenga Library is an ongoing invention into knowledge production and the archive that seeks to re-imagine the library as a laboratory for extended curiosity, new adventures, critical thinking, daydreaming, socio-political involvement, partying and random perusal. Embodying the proposition evoked by the title by “finding oneself,” as Moses Molelekwa put it, on library shelves and […]

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In a country that “obstinately clings to its francophone ‘roots’”, on a continent where success as an African writer depends, in part, on the use of a colonial lexicon – stories spun in the tongue of the French, the English, the Portuguese – the idea of a black African transitional literature sits uncomfortably with those […]

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