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Une Hommage à Goddy Leye

With his imagination, sharp wit and all-round uncontournable wholesome beautyness, Goddy Leye has been a major inspiration. When he passed in 2011, he left a wealth of work and influence which resonates on. As part of the Boda Boda Lounge Project, we present a retrospective of Goddy’s films (along with texts by and about him and ArtBakery published in the Chronic), available to watch online from Friday November 21 until Sunday November 23. Rest in power Goddy! 


Reel Location (2002)



We Are The World (2006)



Meine Straße (Date Unknown)



Cup of Tea (2011)



Goddy Leye / ArtBakery extras:

The G.Spot Protagonists – a short story from Cologne

The Beautiful Beast – Leye frozen in motion

Exitour as Rhizome – a voyage that brought seven artists to travel, by foot and by bus, from Douala to Dakar

Midway Between Silence and Speech – the art and incarnation of Justine Gaga


The Boda Boda Lounge Project is a cross-continental video festival that will feature at over 11 spaces throughout Africa and online between November 21 – 23 2014. Further information here.


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