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“Angazi, but I’m sure”: A Raw Académie Session

RAW Material Company is a Dakar-based centre for art, knowledge and society; concerned with curatorial practice, artistic education, residencies, knowledge production, and archiving of theory and criticism on art. From 3rd April to 26th May 2017, Chimurenga will be partnering with RAW to host the RAW Académie: a tuition-free residential experiential study programme for artistic and curatorial […]

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‘Let’s face it: we’re in over our heads. We need the white folks to come back.’

Renegade Cameroonian filmmaker and theorist Jean-Pierre Bekolo Obama pulls no punches about his disaffection with the state of affairs in his native country. It’s time, he argues, to quit the hypocrisy and turn off the autopilot.   Chronic Q: You say that you are in favour of a recolonisation of Cameroon? Jean-Pierre Bekolo Obama: After fifty-two years of independence, the time […]

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Les Saignantes

          A young woman, beautiful, 20-something, is fucking an old man. She fucks him like a rubber doll. Her hands are on his thighs. His mouth is open. The scene unfolds in rapid cuts. The woman: circling, incessant motion. Her tits. Her arse. The man. His face is sweating. The camera […]

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