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Raw Material Company Dakar, Senegal

Shebeen as a school/ “Angazi, but I’m sure” April 3 – May 26 2017 “Angazi, but I’m sure” is a common South African phrase. In English it means: “I don’t know, but I am sure”. It is a deliberately self-contradictory phrase that is usually spoken in prelude to a reply – often, when one is […]

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La Colonie, Paris: 13 – 17 December 2017

Chimurenga returned to Paris for a 5-day intervention and installation at La Colonie we installed a live radio station and a research library, and hosted talks, screenings and performances that asked ‘Who Killed Kabila?’, as the starting point for an in-depth investigation into power, territory and the creative imagination. The equation was simple: the length of a Congolese […]

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Kallio Library, Helsinki: April 13 – May 28 2016

Can a past that the present has not yet caught up with be summoned to haunt the present as an alternative? In April and May 2016, Chimurenga installed the Chimurenga Library and pop-up radio station Pan African Space Station in the the Kallio Library in Helsinki. Chimurenga, mapped primarily Kallio Library’s music and multimedia’s collection to create an alternative route to […]

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New York, USA: 7-11 November 2015

At Performa 2015, the Chimurenga Library took the form of a library-of-people, bringing together a broad spectrum of NYC based friends and collaborators to create an improvised, pop-up library of bodies of knowledge.  We pursued the utopian moment shortly after African independences, when a series of Pan African festivals staged in Dakar, Algiers, Lagos and […]

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Showroom Gallery London, UK: 8 October – 21 November 2015

For the first UK presentation, Chimurenga infiltrated The Showroom’s building in the form of The Chimurenga Library, inserting ourselves into the existing frameworks, functions and structures of the space without displacing its everyday activities.  For the first five days The Chimurenga Library played host to PASS with a live broadcasting programme of music, interviews and events with Chimurenga […]

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San Francisco Public Library San Francisco, US: 24 May – 29 June 2014

Presented as part of the exhibition Public Intimacy, Chimurenga Library offered a simple system that allowed visitors to connect various items in the stacks at the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library in a way that generates different narratives, with a focus on the work of African American artists, writers, and performers who participated in pan-African festivals of the 1960s […]

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