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Afro Horn

Forged from a rare metal found only in Africa and South America, the Afro-horn is an instrument to open the mouths of the gods. It was invented by ancient Egyptians, who called it the Tun-tet. According to Brent Hayes Edwards’ imaginative essay on the mythical instrument, there are only three Afro-horns in the world: one […]

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Crossroads Republic

By Brent Hayes Edwards The Nigerian superstar bandleader Fela Anikulapo-Kuti hosted a covert summit meeting in the summer of 1977. He received an unexpected, extended visit from Lester Bowie, the mercurial trumpeter of the Art Ensemble of Chicago. Their time together went unheralded and undeclared, a private conversation in the midst of what may have […]

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Brent Hayes Edwards The cell is four meters long and two meters wide. The walls and floor are lined with white tile, gleaming in the half-light. There is no furniture, but the far half of the floor is elevated, about a meter high—an abstraction of a bed, a chair, a table. The judas hole in […]

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