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Nasser and the African Revolution

Politically and socially Egypt is said to occupy three spaces as mentioned in President Gamal Abdul Nasser’s booklet Philosophy of the Revolution- Arab, Islamic and African( in that order). However this does not reflect the real priority Nasser gave to relations with other Independent African States and Liberation Movements during the fight against colonialism.  The images below are illustrated excerpts from Egypt Modern Pharoahs, Jihan El-Tahri forthcoming film on the legacy of Nasser, with commentary from the filmmaker. Illustrations by Donovan Ward.


muzmin_coverresizedThis article features in a special, Arabic-only edition of the Chronic, published in June 2015 as “Muzmin”. The issue, which examines the division of “North” and “sub-Saharan” Africa and Ali Mazrui’s concept of “Afrabia”, was designed in collaboration with Studio Safar (Beirut) and presented at the 12th edition of Sharjah Biennial.

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