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La République et sa Bête : à propos des émeutes dans les banlieues de France

par Achille Mbembe La France est un vieux pays fier de ses traditions et de son histoire. Sans son apport sur le plan de la philosophie, de la culture, de l’art et de l’esthétique, notre monde serait sans doute plus pauvre en esprit et en humanité. Voilà le côté limpide, presque cristallin de son identité.

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Lindela (the winnie suite)

an excerpt from ‘Lindela (the winnie suite)’ by Dominique Malaquais car, maps, time. passports. visas. the king’s m-o-t-h-e-r-f-u-c-k-i-n-g english. we have all of it. and still we don’t find anything

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Traditional Intellectuals

by Koketso Potsane Art has always been used to make statements about what is happening. In his article “Reciprocal Bases of National Culture and the Fight for Freedom,” Frantz Fanon argues that extreme ways of colonial domination always disrupts [in spectacular fashion] the cultural life of a conquered people. This is made possible by the laws/rules […]

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Dislocations in the Congolese World of Sound

“Dislocation” is how Congolese rumba historians describe the incessant splinterings that are part of the story of every major band – in a music system where the “first to leave” holds the place of pride. Between 1997 and 2008 the group Wenge Musica lived through 18 dislocations – almost twice a year, starting with the […]

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Fred Moten and Saidiya Hartman sit down to talk about the temporal and traditional in the age of refusal – of movement, of citizenship. They offer up a different way of thinking, a pathway to another understanding of community as well as the possibility of harnessing fugitivity as a creative empowering strategy*. Saidiya Hartman: One […]

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The “Walking Corpse”

Thousands of Africans, physically displaced and economically disabled by postcolonial dis-order, confront daily the violence of passage to, across and within borders of relative safety. Tagged all manner of other: temporary, foreign, homeless, opportunist, ephemeral, 2nd generational, thief, fence jumper, black… they arrive, are birthed, reborn—regardless of birthplace, status, story—as Europe’s “migrant crisis”; moving targets […]

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