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The Invention of African Football

Moses März documents his fleeting orbit of the “African” football scene, from the Afcon 2008 tourney in Ghana to Angola in 2009 and the 2010 FIFA World Cup extravaganza further south. All in all it was brief, expensive, stereotypically Eurocentric and big on defeat. My short-lived career as an African football correspondent began with a […]

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A Fine Madness

By Masande Ntshanga  Here’s how this starts: halfway through Mishka Hoosen’s debut novel, Call it a difficult night:, I get the impulse to remove its pages from the binding and to rearrange them into a remix of the book – an impulse, no doubt, that stems from the novel’s relentless adherence to a searing psychological […]

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Politics of Betrayal

Using historian and author Jacob Dlamini’s latest work as a backdrop, Bongani Kona juxtaposes acts of defiance and acts of betrayal in the protracted struggle against apartheid in South Africa. He questions, as do Dlamini and many others, if the very act of betrayal – of collaboration with the enemy, of selling out and condemning […]

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Dansons Donc le Zouglou

By Henri-Michel Yere Déscolarisé In 1980s Côte d’Ivoire, exclusion from the schooling system became a possibility that many high school graduates had to face. An economic crisis had set in; the prices of the country’s main produce – cocoa and coffee – had undergone a sharp decrease in the late 1970s. Le succès de ce […]

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CAMFRANGLAIS – a lexicon

By Stephane Akoa (translated by Karen Press) Avoir la godasse: avoir le bras long To own shoes/soccer boots: to be powerful  C’est gâté : en panne, cassé, abîmé [une voiture ou un fruit] It’s rotten (fruit), a wreck (a car); to start a fight. Djonss Pilé: un gars chaud comme Michael Jackson quand il chantait: […]

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