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Yahoo Boy No Laptop

Dami Ajayi celebrates the eclectic sound and success of Olamide, arguably Nigeria’s most popular rapper, who has flipped the script that dictates the lingua franca of the genre. Kicking the “despotic reign” of American-style lyrics and sound to the curb, Olamide cut a clear path for rap that is reflective of what it means to […]

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The New Thing: Part II*

The pretence of cultural hubs in the “world class” metropolis of Johannesburg and its sibling Pretoria belies revolutionary models for live performance that are at a remove from the path of “gentrification’s death march” and benevolent corporate sponsorship. Kwanele Sosibo knows and goes where boundaries are broken and new tings flourish. One can only enter […]

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Shoki Master

By Oris Aigbokhaevbolo   Like any story worth telling, this one involves several women. It starts with a woman I love talking to, in a place I don’t remember. She’s reporting her dad: “Your mother can dance,” he said to her. I never found out what came next, because she left his presence. She was […]

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A Brief History of Fufu Pounding

By Moses März In July 2016, the Kumasi Polytechnic presented the K-POLY FUFU MAMA, the latest machine promising to ease the labour-heavy preparation of Ghana’s national dish. The selected audience of fufu pounders, connoisseurs and chop bar owners present at the launch covered by TV3 is shown as enthusiastic recipients of this Ghanaian technological breakthrough. […]

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Jollof Diaries – A letter from the frontline

By Folakunle Oshun 30 October 2015 It was the first day of the road trip from Lagos to Saint-Louis, Senegal. I was journeying to explore the migratory and ownership controversies surrounding the popular West African dish, Jollof rice, as part of the research for my project, Wolof/Jollof. I wanted to get the facts right so […]

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