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Major Gentl and the Achimota Wars

Set in 2020, Kojo Laing‘s 1992 dark ecological sci-fi novel envisions a condition of total war in which mutant insects, birds, fruits, animals, vegetables and the humans of Achimota City fight for the right to futurity against an overseas enemy only discernible through cyber proxies and decoys. Nikhil Singh imagines the Achimota Wars in a war of beaks, legs and antennae. “Langian […]

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The Muezzin and I

By Rustum Kozain Adamu One night at a local hangout in my neighbourhood, I joke to Adamu, a musician I occasionally bump into, that I am leaving early to go and do battle with my demons. It’s only half a joke. He laughs and asks how many demons I face nightly. Thousands, I say. Whenever […]

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Time to Bleed

An extended conversation between Aryan Kaganof and Walter Mignolo   What I don’t want to do, more than anything in the world, is bore anybody and scare them off with all that stuff about his being an esteemed professor, foremost authority on decolonization, blah blah shit. Fuck that. Walter’s important because of what he says […]

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The Art of Suspense

Lidudumalingani Mqombothi revisits the football matches of his childhood, when radio, not television, was most people’s ticket to the beautiful game. But a radio was not the only requirement for a full experience – an active imagination and an attentive ear were integral to engaging in the virtuosity of the audio commentary.   Only a […]

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Sports Chatter

Simon Kuper discusses the drivel in the drip-feed that is mainstream sports journalism – from rumour and innuendo to occasional smut and toilet humour. The consumer, he argues, is now the consumed, in an arena of social media and sports talk radio – where talking about sport has become ‘independent of sport itself’, and men […]

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