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America Will Always Blame…

Rigo 23, born Ricardo Gouveia, is a Portuguese muralist, painter, and political artist residing in San Francisco, California. For over 20 years he’s been travelling the globe, placing murals, paintings, sculptures, and tile work in public situations where viewers are encouraged to examine their relationship to their community, their role as unwitting advocates of public policy or their place on a planet occupied by many other living things. While its always hard hitting, Rigo 23’s work abounds with fun, quirks, wit, and wisdom.

Here he offers a wry meditation on media and culture, conspiracy and state power, ideology and political consciousness, the “terrorism” hype, the continuing need for an enemy, and the deceptions and injustices of global domination.




America Will Always Blame…, 2002
Mixed media on paper
24” x 18”


This works first appeared as an alternate cover and poster for Chimurenga Vol. 14, Everyone Has Their Indian (April ’09). It was also the inspiration for one of the “webverts” announcing the issue, as seen below.



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