From Dakar, Adji Dieye offers a visual response to the words of late revolutionary Thomas Sankara. Maggic Cube explores the darker truths of Senegal’s most popular taste.
In a world where agribusiness has been placed at the top of the food chain, Desiree Lewis explores the commodifying systems that rob food of its essence as a source of agency and pleasure.
Stacy Hardy follows the path of JJ Machobane, the social visionary, writer and agronomist from Lesotho, who challenged orthodox colonial thinking about land and land use.


Nomad Folakunle Oshun sends a letter from the frontline of the Jollof Wars. From Lagos to St. Louise, Wolof/Jollof tracks the most vexing West African food to its roots. In the pursuit of peace.

And Moses März historicises fufu, showing that, “Even in societies that depend almost entirely on the consumption of quick and convenient wheat products, the creative and the productive can never be completely divorced from the process of cooking.”


In an era where we should all be feminists, as Adichie tells us, or bad feminists, according to Roxane Gay, and where Yemisi Aribisala has revealed the alchemy of how food becomes a love potion (“fish soup are the mediums and aphrodisiacs, the juju and fetishes of our sexual bewitchment”), Calixthe Beyala’s How To Cook Your Husband The African Way, first published in France at the beginning of the millennium, and recently reissued in translation, might seem slightly old fashioned. Herein lies its charm. The story reads like Emmanuelle meets Onitsha Market Literature mixed with the family cookbook, so, part sex romp, part morality tale… READ.










As we put food back on the table; asking how we write ourselves and our lives through food, beyond ideas of scarcity, this issue also explores global geopolitics as they are expressed through money exchanges. Additionally, we continue our investigation into higher education across the continent. 

With contributions from Harmony Holiday, Yemisi Aribisala, Kodwo Eshun, Bwesigye Bwa Mwesigire and more.

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